Company Profile

Company Profile

Global coverage, excellence as standard

We were founded in London in 2002.  We work in 44+ markets with offices in London, Manila, Singapore, New Jersey and San Francisco. We work to a common standard across the World.


Our vision

  • To be a Partner in Thinking, an Ally for Implementation and a Catalyst for Change.

  • Through our research we link insights to strategic execution.



Our mission

  • To work beyond data in order to bring inspirational commercial insights that will drive our clients' businesses forward.

  • To make a meaningful change to those businesses by facilitating global strategy from its creation to implementation.



Our culture

  • We have a self belief in what we do. It works well and our clients know that.

  •  Our researchers have an ability to listen, understand and engage.

  •  We have a yearning for learning which leads to a cycle of continuous improvement.

  •  We have the courage to report as we find, even if that can bring our clients the bad news.

  •  Curiosity and a ‘beginners’ mind’ are essential to our approach, ensuring that we look at problems with a fresh mind.

  •  We bring commercial acumen to our work because we know that our advice can have far reaching effects.

Our strategy

  • To have the Right people, asking the Right questions in the Right way leading to the Right insights and the Right results.

  • We will promote innovation, creativity and excellence at all times.