What we do

What we do

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Insights and strategy are keywords in today's world of business. But what will make a successful strategy? And in the midst of today's ocean of information, what are the relevant and commercially valuable insights?

At Branding Science, our team is dedicated to working with pharmaceutical teams to find answers to these questions. However, no one brand team faces the same challenges. We recognize that each team needs to work around a series of internal and external factors - all changing at a pace never seen before.

Together with our consultancy arm Brand Sight International, we have built strong expertise designing tailored research and consultancy programs to address our clients' specific business need and objectives. These consist in gathering the brand key stakeholders in workshops at regular intervals in order to review latest market trends and brand performance. These programs identify gaps in knowledge and allow alignment plans to be made.

Furthermore, in collaboration with our sister company Living Brand Productions, we bring our insights to life by using multimedia materials such as compelling films or interactive databases as part of our research. This helps us to make our debriefs and workshops more dynamic and engaging. We also storyline our presentations, so that every detail is fully explained. More importantly, it makes our work memorable, a crucial point if insights are to lead to action.

Our methodologies are based on a mix of proven and innovative techniques. We work with our clients around a series of frameworks and exercises derived from different fields of research, such as sociology, psychology, or management science.

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