What we think

What we think

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Thought Leadership

Along our work with various teams, we have recognised a series of challenges that frequently arise in global pharmaceutical organisations. As our mission is to provide actionable and commercial insights that will help overcome these challenges and, ultimately, drive brand strategy, here are a couple of thoughts about we can help with a few specific examples.

Optimising a new product launch with a dedicated marketing program

With millions invested in the research and development process and only a few years of exclusivity granted to manufacturers, the launch of a new pharmaceutical brand is always a determining time in the brand lifecycle. Branding Science helps teams make the most of their brand, and has developed joint programs of Research and Consultancy workshops bringing all stakeholders together behind a strong brand positioning and identity.

The ROI (Review, Organise, Implement) plan - from Strategy to Action

Implementation of strategy lies with the individuals who are in the field day in and day out. It is crucial for these individuals to feel involved and engaged with the overall strategy. At Branding Science we run specifically designed workshops which achieve adherence of the sales team and give valuable insights to the marketing team and focus tactics on specific patient characteristics at the heart of the target audience's mind.

Working across borders

At Branding Science, we have exceptional experience working with Global, Regional and National teams to develop strong marketing strategies that account for individual differences across countries.